GU Energy Gels: Salty’s Squad Ambassador


For the year of 2018, I will be a brand ambassador for Gu Energy Gels. These are great products for endurance athletes, but also great products for hypo snacks. They are small and easy to carry. I have no trouble getting 50 gels through airport security in my carry-on bag. They don’t explode in my backpack like those dandy juice boxes tend to do. And they taste amazing. The gel packs are 20-23g of carbs and the packs of energy chews are 2-5g of carbs per chew. AND if y’all want a coupon code, go ahead and Contact me or DM view instagram and i’ll send you a code for 20% off your next purchase 🙂



American Conservation Experience

ACE is a non-profit organization under Americorps focusing on conservation opportunities and experiences. We work alongside project partners such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the state park systems (Cal State Parks), the Forest Service, and the National Park Service (NPS) to provide restoration and trail maintenance volunteer work.

ACE members are given a weekly stipend for food and living amenities and are required to complete their hours of work as well as 1-2 volunteer service projects (VSPs) in order to receive an academic scholarship award at the end of service. This award can go towards college tuition, student loans, grad school, NOLS courses, etc- any academic institution.

I am currently doing a 450 hr winter term in SoCal. I am based out of Dulzura, California and have completed mainly restoration projects in Irvine, Tijuana Estuary and Ridgecrest. My VSP was with the San Diego River Park Foundation monitoring invasive river plant species.


Internation Association for Geoscience Diversity


IAGD is an organization built on the idea of accessibility and teamwork within the earth science community. They strive to provide opportunities to those with any type of physical disability through class resources and guides, internships and job offerings.

I had the pleasure of working as GEOPath Intern alongside IAGD in May 2016 and May 201. During these 2 months of work, I went to Arizona and Ireland, respectively, to test out new technologies (iPads, Go Pros, live stream, evernote app, and many more) to perform geologic field research while maintaining communication between team members.

During my time with this internship, I struggled to identify myself as either a person with an ability or disability. The GEOPath program hired 6 legally disabled and 6 abled bodies for the program and I never knew to which I belonged. My second year on the job, I came to realize that I was considered to be able-bodied by my leaders. However, I more importantly realized that I do not need to wait for other folks to define me or my abilities. I am the only judge of my abilities because I am the only person who knows myself best. Type 1 Diabetes can hinder me at times, but it had never taken me out of a field project. My body can still move despite the change in insulin flow.


I was also fortunate enough to present my research at the Geological Society of America (GSA) annual meeting in Seattle, WA in 2017. Although my time at the conference was overwhelming due to the amount of people and information, it was eye opening to see some really amazing research that I was able to be a part of. I was able to go to a couple talks on inclusion within the Earth Sciences which all reconfirmed my passion for making field research and outdoor life inclusive to those with any form of a disability, including T1D.