Work Smarter not Harder

Each morning, we start our work day with safety circle and stretches. Safety circle tips tend to include:

-stay hydrated

-eat enough salts to avoid hyponeutremia

-pace yourself

-beware of your death bubble: stand far enough away from folks while working with tools

-be courteous of park visitors passing through work areas

-leave no trace

But the tip that has stuck out the most to me is “Work smarter not harder.” I feel as though it can apply to most contexts of my life.

Conservation context: Similar to pace yourself, but focusing more so on the idea that putting in excessive effort and energy into an action that does not require it is a waste of energy. Conserve your abilities and think actively before completing a task to complete it to the best of your ability while conserving your energy and the planet.

Self-love/care: We all know our bodies and minds better than anyone else. Don’t waste time doing things that you want to make you feel better. Instead, take some time to think and reflect and accept what will actually make you happier and healthier. For example, rather than forcing yourself to begin with a 30 minute meditation because that is what true self healers do, begin with a 3-5 minute meditation and train yourself slowly and happily into the self-love movement.

Veganism: I am vegan for a multitude of reasons- one being that my body feels healthier and more energized when my diet is focused on higher counts of plant-based foods (mainly fruits and veggies). When I began my diet transition, I did lots of research in order to make sure I was fueling my body with the correct kind and amount of nutrient I required. However, some weeks it is harder for me to be fueled properly whether the dining hall is not offering what my body is craving or maybe the camping trip I am on is filling me with high protein and high grain granola bars and my body is just not feeling that after awhile. Nonetheless, I have broken my veganism a couple times to eat a fried egg here or there if that is what my body needs to maintain happiness. I care about my body which is why I went vegan, but it is also why I break vegan. Feed your cravings. Think smarter about what your body needs, not harder about regretting your breakage of the vegan diet.

Diabetes: Pay attention to your IOB (Insulin on Board). Waiting for a blood glucose level of 300 to come down can be crazy annoying, but overdosing can be dangerous, especially if you are about to work a 10 hour day. The same goes for low blood sugars. A reading of 50 mg/ dL is scary, but do you really need to eat more than 20g of carbs? Allow your body to heal- give yourself 15 minutes to sit and rise. If you keep eating until the number rises, then you will face the consequences of a BG spike that will provide a roller coaster day. Think before you eat and think before you bolus!




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