Type One Geologist


Never Let Your Disability Hinder Your Experiences!!

Hello, I’m Amanda!

I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (T1D) on 4 Dec. 2002 at the ripe age of 5. Type one diabetes is one of the things on my set-back list, but I never let that take precedence over my desire to flourish outwardly.

I recently graduated from Northland College in Ashland, WI with BS in Geology. My interests are in volcanology, communications between locals and scientists, and field accessibility for those with physical disabilities.

Currently, I am serving with Maine Conservation Corps as an Environmental Steward at Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park. My focus of service is on sustainability and maintenance of trails.


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Manifesting a creative lifestyle on the trail. Sharing my journey of Intentional Living by supporting the benefits of the outdoors, of intuitive eating, and of self care/love by way of personal experiences.

Type One Geologist started out as my way of showcasing the amazing adventures I am able to go- either on my own time or through university geology courses- despite having this so called disability. This blog is evolving into an artistic medium in which I can convey my personal, intuitive message to not let diseases, disabilities or life’s set backs hinder experiences. I am here to promote self love, healthy, intuitive eating, and diabetic tips through my opportunities of adventure and in daily living.